Helium Bottle Hire

Fill your own balloons!

All our balloons are helium quality, thick and robust, designed for maximum float time and many days of enjoyment.

If it's more convenient to fill your own balloons we hire helium bottles and inflating nozzles, allowing you to inflate your balloons at the party venue or for a promotional event.

  • Our smallest bottle will fill approximately 50 balloons
  • Next size up will do approximately 100
  • From there we have a 400 balloon size bottle
  • And our largest size available for hire will fill approximately 800 balloons.

This allows you the flexibility to mix and match balloon and colour combinations on the day extending your float time and overcoming transport difficulties with large balloon features.

It also adds a great fun activity during your party as all kids will happily line up to receive their own personal balloon.

If this sounds like a great idea to you, call the team at Hire Port today for further information.



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